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Web links for 17th November 2010

17 Nov 2010, by in Web links

  • Alastair Hatchett reviews today’s labour market figures on the IDS blog
  • Don Paskini discusses why ‘’ is a less than accurate source of data on private sector rental prices, and on why the Secretary of State has (again) misled parliament by presenting these statistics as official data.
  • Inside Housing reports that DWP is now using ‘’ as its data source of choice for official statistics.
  • Qualitative research from the Joseph Rowntree foundation finds that the people in the study faced persistent poverty despite “great and enduring commitment to work”. The individuals were more committed to work than work was to them: “the insecurity of low-paid and low-quality work was the main reason why shuttling between benefits and jobs was so common. This cycling in and out of low-paid work extended to middle-aged and not just younger workers, showing that these jobs are not necessarily stepping stones to better employment.”