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Web links for 20th November 2010

20 Nov 2010, by in Web links

  • "Community Care" reports on disability charities' fears about removing the mobility component of Disability Living Allownace from children in residential care homes. Some families use this money to take their children home at weekends, others to make it possible for disabled children to take part in the family holiday. If this change – which will see families losing £50 a week – is extended to residential special schools, the impacts could be even more widespread.
  • R3, the insolvency practitioners' trade association, reports that 49 per cent of UK businesses are worried about falling profits and 44 per cent by falling sales volumes. The survey of finance directors and business owners also found that one in five were worried about their debts.
  • Fascinating review of a book that crunches the numbers on religion in US politics. Take home facts include: in the last 20 years, weekly church attendances have fallen from over 45m to under 40m, casting doubt on the alleged rise in religious belief. And correlation with voting records suggests that people don't vote a certain way because of their religion, but rather embrace a religion that fits their political views. But what religious and non-religious Americans DO disagree about is sex: abortion, gay marriage etc.

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