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Web links for 4th November 2010

04 Nov 2010, by in Web links

  • The TUC was a critic of the use of voice recognition technology to detect benefit fraud. It hasn't worked, but the DWP don't want to say so.
  • The report from the Commission for Rural Communities on "Economic conditions for organisations contributing to the Big Society in rural England" is far more powerful than the title suggests. Rural communities' volunteers are often already stretched and many are worried that they will have to fill the gaps left by cuts – and that their organisations may well be the first targets for Council cuts. Remploy (the largest specialist employer of disabled people in the country) warned the Commission that "as the Welfare to Work agenda is changing to a payment for results model with little or no upfront funding, there will be a greater temptation by service providers to concentrate their efforts on those areas where demand for their service is high, where they already have a presence from which to deliver their service, and therefore where they can maximise their outcomes with minimum expenditure."