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DLA and residential homes: campaigning against a vicious cut

30 Dec 2010, by in Society & Welfare

I have blown my top previously about the government’s plan to remove Disability Living Allowance mobility component from people in residential care homes. Over the last few weeks more and more organisations have been speaking out about how this cut will mean restricted lives for thousands of people. And there’s still time to vote for this horrid decision in our special “Cuts Factor” competition.

Now there’s a chance to do something else. The Disability Benefits Consortium (which includes the TUC, alongside nearly all the main disability charities and campaigning groups) has a page of resources for everyone who wants to take up this issue. This includes a petition, a model letter to the press, and a briefing on why this is such a terrible decision.

Every union branch or Trades Council can use these materials – and if your branch would like to do more, contact the TUC to discuss how we can help.

5 Responses to DLA and residential homes: campaigning against a vicious cut

  1. Hindle-a
    Dec 30th 2010, 7:32 pm

    I totally agree Mr. Exell -the proposal does not effect me but highlights the ideological nature of the Government’s actions-it raises pitiful amounts with significant reductions in the independence of people-the Government’s argument that this need will be catered for in other ways is to anyone with any knowledge nonsense and goes against(similar to the proposals re DLA in general) the whole philosophy behind the allowance.It further,if anyone is in doubt,highlights the lie of the oft repeated mantra “protecting the vulnerable”.

  2. DLA Help Group
    Dec 30th 2010, 10:48 pm

    This is a typical sidetracking the Tory Led Administration are using to deflect attention from the fact they propose to abolish DLA altogether. DLA will be replaced with PIP in 2014. There is no consultation on this, only a few questions on how best to implement PIP. If nobody, especially the TUC and Unions, oppose this, the legislation will be adopted “on the nod” as Milliband has already said he supports any and all of Cameron’s Welfare Benefits Reforms. The only people Labour will listen to are their funding fathers, ie the TUC. Its up to them to make them see how the sick and disabled, including children and pensioners, will be shafted well and truly if DLA is axed and PIP is adopted.
    If you support this view please ask your members to sign the following Petition to stop the current “consultation” on PIP:-


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  4. malka
    Jan 1st 2011, 9:33 am

    DLA is under attack from the tories and must be defended. The plan to replace it with PIP is flawed and designed to prevent disabled people from getting the financial help and care they already have from DLA funding. The consultation is a farce, like all consultations and are cynical devices to show a reasonable face to the country, but their minds have already been made up a long time ago. Only our protests will help highlight the grave situation facing the most vulnerable in society.

  5. Tracy
    Jan 3rd 2011, 2:00 pm

    Although the changes will not affect me i think its absolutely appalling suggestion… I believe the proposed changes DLA to PIP is another way for the tories to strip disabled people of their benefits and plunge them into further poverty… All the cuts have done thus far is to create more unemployment, lack of growth and a bigger welfare bill!!! Cameron ought to be ashamed