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Tax dodge protestors are right to be angry

17 Dec 2010, by Guest in Economics, Public services

UK Uncut protesters are right to be angry at the scale of tax avoidance in the UK. The TUC has long been campaigning to expose the amount of tax that is dodged by big companies and the super-rich.

There is a whole industry of socially-useless advisers who come up with new perfectly legal ways of avoiding the tax that Parliament intended wealthy people and organisations to pay.

As the cuts bite, it is getting ever more clear that we are not all in this together and those who did least to cause the crash are suffering the most.

What UK Uncut are doing is not the way that unions traditionally make their voice heard, but I am sure that they will remember that the workers in the shops they target are just as much victims of cuts and unfair tax policies as anyone else.

As the TUC recognised in the statement we adopted at our Congress last September the campaign against the cuts will take many forms. A tiny minority will go in for ones that are counter-productive, but the rest are going to add up to a real movement for change. We have no pretensions that all of it can be brought together in a single organisation or run in a top-down way.

Our March for the Alternative will be one focus – scrupulously organised and highly disciplined to ensure that it can be both safe and huge – but there’s also room and a need for spontaneity and action at the grassroots.

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