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Two-Tier Code: Racing to the bottom?

13 Dec 2010, by in Public services, Working Life

Good post here from UNISON Active regarding the government’s decision to abolish the so-called ‘Two-Tier Code’.

The Code was designed to ensure that new starters working on outsourced government contracts had broadly comparable pay, terms and conditions to formerly directly employed staff TUPE’d across to private sector employers.

All this seems pretty arcane, but the upshot is that – combined with the government’s efforts to increase the role of the private, voluntary and social enterprise sectors  in the delivery of public services, and the government’s swingeing cuts in public spending – the abolition of the Code and its replacement by a set of voluntary principles, could well lead to race to the bottom in pay, terms and conditions for public service workers.

Women in particular are likely to be the big losers in all of this – something that unfortunately seems to be a consistent theme of the government’s approach to public services.