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Web links for 27th December 2010

27 Dec 2010, by in Web links

  • Creating the new system to claw back Child Benefit from higher rate taxpayers will cost £130 million. 200,000 single income households will lose out, while “nearly a million two-income families with a combined income of between £44,000 and £88,000 who will keep their benefits because neither the mother nor father is a higher rate taxpayer. “
  • “The Guardian” reports that the Department of Justice’s own Equality Impact Assessment of the planned cuts in Legal Aid will disproportionately affect women, who will make up 57% of those affected. Members of minority ethnic groups and disabled people will also be hit.
  • Scottish teaching union EIS has delivered a 5,000 signature petition to the Scottish Parliament, calling for action to make sure that there are enough jobs for all new teachers at the end of their probationary year. A survey of new teachers by the General Teaching Council for Scotland has found that more than a quarter have found no teaching work at all.