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Web links for 2nd December 2010

02 Dec 2010, by in Web links

  • An important new paper from Joe Stiglitz. It may be about the USA, but it’s got lots of relevance to the UK too.
  • “Local Government Chronicle” reports that Communities & Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has spent millions on management consultants, agency workers and publicity. Pickles is one of the leaders of the “war on waste” and has been especially critical of the last government’s use of consultants; in May-September DCLG spent £8.5m on consultants. He is keen to ban local authorities’ “Pravda on the rates” (Council freesheets); his department has spent £1.2m on advertising, marketing, media and publicity since May and has paid Ipsos Mori £1.3m for market research.
  • Its hard to find a single thing to disagree with in Prof Eichengreen’s exposition of why the deal is so unfair – and so stupid.