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Selling the seashore: Sandcastles swamped by cuts

12 Jan 2011, by in Environment

Eype beach, part of Dorset’s world famous Jurassic coast, is to be sold off by Conservative-controlled West Dorset District Council. According to the Metro, they have deemed it:

“a waste of money to maintain and manage as it does not generate any income.”

Of course, the same could be said of most beaches, parks and beauty spots, but selling off these public resources would leave us all much poorer. The threshold for the minimum bid has been set at just £1.

Bathing beaches quite rightly have to meet EU standards of cleanliness, which inevitably entails some costs for public authorities.

Developers love properties with beach frontage as they command premium prices. Naturally the price is greatly increased if the title includes the beach area.

Public stewardship of Britain’s beaches is the only way to ensure that both cleanliness and free public access are maintained.

Here are some images of Eype beach – an amenity worth much more than the £1 asking price.