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Today’s vacancy figures

19 Jan 2011, by in Labour market

Today’s labour market figures are pretty depressing – employment down, unemployment up. But at first sight, one statistic looks encouraging: there were 480,000 vacancies in the three months to December. This is an increase of 18,000 from the three months to September and is fourteen thousand higher than a year earlier.

Unfortunately, this increase is entirely due to the census, which began recruiting temporary collectors and enumerators in October. As the ONS notes point out,

Excluding the Census vacancies, there were 456,000 job vacancies in the three months to December 2010, down 6,000 from the three months to September 2010.

If we compare vacancies and unemployment, there were 5.3 unemployed people per job vacancy in September – November (this comparison is for a month earlier to match with the available unemployment figures.) This is a rise of 0.1 from the three months to August.

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