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Cuts Watch #390: 100% funding cut to Liverpool Rape Crisis

21 Feb 2011, by in Cuts Watch

Liverpool Council has announced 100% funding cuts to Rape Crisis. Liverpool Rape Crisis helped 522 women last year with a meagre £60,000 funding from Liverpool City Council.

To put this in perspective, the public funding received by Liverpool Rape Crisis in 2010 was less than the cost to the state of just one single rape. According to the Women’s Resource Centre, the estimated cost to the state of one rape is £73,487 – £13,487 more than the annual funding for the Liverpool Rape Crisis centre.

The news from Liverpool sits squarely at odds with the Home Secretary, Theresa May’s announcement just last month that the government would be safeguarding £10m funding for Rape Crisis services.  According to Theresa May, Rape Crisis centres are “a key element of the government’s wider strategy to tackle violence against women and girls. We are absolutely committed to ensuring every victim of rape has access to the support that they need to rebuild their lives.”