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Let’s hear it for the NHS bureaucrats

02 Feb 2011, by in Public services

The Audit Commission report that NHS hospitals in England could save around £500m a year if they improve the way they buy everyday supplies. Apparently one trust bought 13 types of glove while another purchased 177.

While I suspect things are never quite as simple as these headline figures suggest, there is no doubt a real issue here.

Yet it takes good managers sitting in back offices to run good effective procurement programmes – and for all Andrew Lansley’s rush to endorse the report’s findings – it is precisely such NHS staff who are regularly attacked by those who want to suggest public services are wasteful.

I don’t want doctors, nurses and physiotherapists  to be  glove ordering. They have better things to do with their time.

Let’s hear it for the bureaucrats – and all the other support staff – who make sure the health professionals get their job done.

And of course the localism agenda means that government is gradually losing powers to insist on tight procurement policies – these not only make sense for efficiency reaons, but can also play a part in industrial strategy.