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Cuts Watch #395: compulsory redundancies in the armed forces

01 Mar 2011, by in Cuts Watch

The RAF today released the details of their redundancy scheme. Under the Strategic Defence and Security Review, published in October, RAF personnel will fall by 5,000. The service is seeking volunteers for redundancy, but “this is a compulsory programme” and it is expected that 11,000 of the 17,000 reduction will be “non-voluntary”. The Prime Minister has said that 5,000 compulsory redundancies will be from the army, 3,300 from the Navy and 2,700 from the RAF. The initial round of RAF redundancies will see 1,020 service men and women made redundant, including 529 “ground tradesmen”, 121 officers and 170 trainee pilots; two Tornado squadrons will be disbanded. The Army and Navy are due to release details of their schemes next month.