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DFID praises TUC international development work

13 Mar 2011, by in International

Last December the TUC heard the bad news that DFID was not going to renew its funding for our international development work. This was despite an independent evaluation we’d commissioned of our work, which praised the unique contribution trade unions could make to development, and the progress we were making in securing decent work. Ministers have expressed their support for decent work, for its crucial contribution to making sure that everyone benefits from growth.

We have now received DFID’s assessment of our independent evaluation, and it echoes the independent evaluation. Indeed the only criticisms it makes of our work are that we haven’t boasted enough about the indirect effect on development we have through the ILO and ITUC, and that we need to develop our monitoring and evaluation tools so that we can demonstrate our impact more clearly. It’s good that our achievements have been recognised, but frustrating that this wasn’t enough to win DFID’s financial support for taking that work further.

Rather than carp about how unfair the decision to cut our funding was, the TUC is committed to maintaining what we can of our development work – on supply chains through the Playfair 2012 campaign, on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, on labour standards in Iraq, on Decent Work in the reconstruction of Haiti, and so on – and holding Ministers to account if they fail to replace the work we have done and could have done on decent work and poverty reduction. We will work in partnership with DFID where we can – for example with the new Private Sector Department on Decent Work, labour standards, investment and supply chains – and campaign in partnership with others where DFID fall short.

Some of the comments from the DFID assessment are worth quoting:

The evaluation clearly defines your specific niche as a development actor and notes your potential to have a level of impact which is much greater than many other CSOs…

The evaluation highlights your strong partnership model which strengthens accountability to beneficiaries…

There are also likely to be many examples of useful learning that you can draw together and share with DFID and the wider sector….

The design and publication of your new International Development Strategy … is a positive step forward in TUC’s growth as a development actor