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Job vacancies twice as sparse in Labour held constituencies

16 Mar 2011, by in Labour market

There are almost ten dole claimants for every job vacancy in Labour held constituencies, more than double the rate in Conservative seats, according to our analysis published ahead of the latest unemployment statistics.

The analysis finds that there are 9.8 Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants per vacancy in Labour held constituencies, compared to a ratio of 6.1 in Lib Dem seats and 4.5 in Conservative seats. Across the UK, there are over six dole claimants per job vacancy.

Of the 50 constituencies with the toughest job prospects – the highest number of dole claimants per job vacancy – 43 are Labour, four are Lib Dem, two are Conservative and one is held by the Scottish National Party (SNP). 41 of the 50 constituencies with the most buoyant job prospects – the lowest number of claimants per vacancy – are Conservative held.

The unemployment rate, based on the number of people claiming JSA, has increased 2.1 percentage points since the start of the recession in Labour seats, compared to 1.3 percentage points in Conservative and Lib Dem seats. The figures show a stark divide in labour market conditions between Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems held areas, which has widened since the start of the recession in 2008.

The Government’s response to unemployment so far has been to claim that there are plenty of jobs out there and to imply that ‘workshy scroungers‘ are choosing not to work. But Coalition Ministers should look beyond their own constituencies and to areas of the country with far tougher employment prospects before they claim that jobs are freely available. It is time for the Government to stop blaming unemployed people for this situation and to start taking responsibility for creating jobs.

We’ve made an interactive map showing the varying increases in unemployment by parliamentary constituency, which you can explore here. The full TUC analysis can be downloaded here.

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