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Join the European campaign for a Robin Hood Tax

07 Apr 2011, by in International

As the decisions of the European Parliament and the Heads of the seventeen Eurozone Governments showed in March, the prospects for securing a European Robin Hood Tax are now stronger than ever. But there is still work to be done. The European Commissioner for tax matters, Lithuanian Algirdas Semeta, denounced the EP vote, and the full European Council – the heads of all 25 Member States – decided to continue pressing for an unlikely global Robin Hood Tax. Now you can have your say by commenting on a European Commission consultation on finance sector taxation. Before the European Parliament voted to restore support for a European Robin Hood Tax (dropped from the original committee report on a tied vote), half a million emails were sent by campaigners to MEPs across Europe. They made a difference, and a new web tool will allow you to send a message to the UK Commissioner Baroness Cathy Ashton, Commission President Manuel Barroso and the arrogantly unelected Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta.  If you want to do more than send the standard letter to Commissioners, you can also respond to the full consultation document. The deadline, whatever you do, is 19 April.