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Web links for 10th May 2011

10 May 2011, by in Web links

  • Brendan has an article today in Comment is Free on the Iraqi government’s crackdown on trade unions, with the TUC’s sister organisation the GFIW derecognised and a heavily politicised committee appointed to take control of unions’ elections and assets. Union colleagues in Iraq are reporting officials coming to take over their offices, backed up by the police and military. This is a dangerous recipe for breaking apart one of the few institutions left that unites people across tribal, ethnic and religious boundaries, and which is committed to women’s rights and the creation of a peaceful and prosperous Iraq. LabourStart are also running an online campaign to the Iraqi government at
  • Tomorrow sees the Hardest Hit march and lobby of Parliament, campaigning against disability benefit cuts. If you can’t make it along to central London, there’s lots you can do to help online!