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Robin Hood Tax: now it’s serious

11 Jun 2011, by in International

In the week that the French and German Parliaments discussed financial transaction taxes, the European Parliament voted again to demand their introduction, and European Commission President Barroso expressed his support, a key industry body has at last sent the strongest signal yet that a Robin Hood Tax is increasingly likely … by coming out against it. The Futures Industry Association’s European Principal Traders Association, or FIA Epta, says European proposals for a financial transaction tax are one of its main regulatory focuses.  Until now, the people most likely to pay the tax have tried to ignore it in the hopes that it will go away, but now they know it won’t, and are beginning to mobilise against it. Let battle commence!

2 Responses to Robin Hood Tax: now it’s serious

  1. Neil McKenna
    Jun 11th 2011, 7:37 pm

    Great news!

  2. Mike Renwick
    Jun 13th 2011, 1:10 pm

    Thank heavens at last! However there must be a clause to ensure ordinary retail customers of the banks are not charged to implement this measure. Any bank found to be doing so should be subject to the most severe financial penalties and the directors should be prosecuted for fraud!