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Taxation much more reasonable in Dubai – says newspaper story

13 Jun 2011, by in Economics

Accountants UHY Hacker Young claim that welathy and poor“face among the highest taxes in the world” in Britain in a very irritating story in today’s Metro newspaper.

My nasty suspicious mind can’t help thinking that it must be first group that the authors are really worried about – after all, the poor are rarely known to hire accountants.

According to this story, the UK is “seventh worst” when it comes to high taxation. This is in a table of 19 selected countries that goes rather beyond the fair comparators of OECD or EU membership. Significantly, the table includes Dubai, where the zero rate of tax means that you can keep all of your earnings – although you will also likely to find that you will have to spend quite a bit of your pay-packet on things that we get for free in the UK.

This article is basically just an attack on taxation – and by extension, on public services. Watch out for more of these stories as the UK cuts start to bite.

However, away from the glare of politics in the media, there are some faint signs that thinking business people are beginning to worry that deep cuts will hurt the private sector, through lost contracts and deflated consumer demand.  If some big business players really are getting cold feet about cuts, then they have a duty to speak out.

Read the “high tax” story in full in the Metro.