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Trench warfare, Chartered Management Institute style

09 Jun 2011, by in Working Life

Battle for the BoardroomI’ve been playing the Chartered Managment Institute and Institute of Consulting’s new promotional web game (in my lunch break, honest!). It’s a novel way to convince young people that a career in business is for them, especially in one of the noble disciplines of management or consulting.

But if Battle for the Boardroom offers us a peek into the psyche of British managment, I’m a little worried.

You start with a company, whose aim is to control every building in a city. You attempt this by throwing squad after squad of besuited executive employees at your competitor’s buildings, cancelling out their own employees in a battle of attrition. It’s kind of The Apprentice meets the First World War.

Luckily you always manage to respawn new workers at your HQ to send into battle (especially if you can afford a handy consultancy upgrade). Then when your opponent’s HQ has finally fallen to your drone employee onslaught, you get to sit in your office with your secretary and count a huge pile of money.

Of course personnel issues aren’t entirely neglected. You do get a bonus at the end of a level if you have any staff left, which is hopefully just enough to cover the cost of the expensive consultants you’ll need in the next level.

Okay, I’ll admit, it’s actually quite fun for a few minutes. I don’t know if it’d quite inspire anyone to sign up for the trenches of a management career though – but if it did, I’m pretty sure those would be exactly the sort of people we’d rather not have anywhere near our boardrooms!