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#11: Can Housing Work for the Workers?

13 Jul 2011, by in Society & Welfare

pamphlet coverPamphlet #11: Can Housing Work for Workers?

This Public and government attitudes to housing in the UK are shot through with assumptions and prejudices. Most prevalent is the strongly held view that certain forms of tenure are better than others. This pamphlet argues that this ‘false hierarchy’ has led to bad policy-making that fails to acknowledge that many owneroccupiers are trapped in areas with weak labour markets and face excessive liabilities.

It looks at how the dream of home ownership may turn sour, entrenching poverty and unemployment, and calls for a new approach. This includes extending advisory and financial support to owner-occupiers and accepting that private renting and social housing have a vital
role to play in creating greater mobility for those seeking work and financial security.

This pamphlet was prepared for the TUC by The Fabian Society, and was researched and written by James Gregory.