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“Retired civil servants outnumber those working”

03 Jul 2011, by in Public services

I’ve just been reading a story in the Telegraph with the same headline as this post, but how’s this for the sub-head:

Retired civil servants drawing gold-plated taxpayer funded pensions now outnumber those employed in the civil service for the first time.

The rules of serious journalism seem to be changing – it used to be that one way you could tell the broadsheets from the red-tops was that phrases like “gold-plated taxpayer funded pensions” were reserved for commentaries and editorials.

The Telegraph’s splutter was brought on by the fact that civil servants are living longer. I’m just worried they’re going to find some way to even up the score!

2 Responses to “Retired civil servants outnumber those working”

  1. The Squeeze
    Jul 3rd 2011, 11:21 pm

    So you don’t think that western demographics are a big problem? As a young public sector worker I do. People need to be more realistic in their expectations of the future. Cheap oil is long gone and people are getting older.

    The baby boomer retirement plans basically consist of selling their house to their kids at a price their kids can’t afford to pay, confiscating most of their kids’ incomes or both.

    It can’t work. We need a new plan.

  2. Lexin
    Jul 3rd 2011, 11:29 pm

    Besides, could that be because the number of civil servants has been cut drastically? What with what used to be civil service jobs being privatised (cleaners, typists, reprographics staff, messengers…) lower grades and some middle grades being removed entirely (there are hardly any admin assistants in my employing department any more) early severance schemes being offered all over the place, and 40% cuts in at least one headquarters department, it’s not surprising that the number of retirees has increased and those in work decreased.

    It doesn’t mean there are too many civil servants, which I’m sure is the impression the Torygraph were going for. Useless lot.