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Ripped-off interns should have their say

07 Sep 2011, by in Uncategorized

Today is the last chance for interns to have their say in the survey organised by campaign group Interns Anonymous. Please fill in today if you are, or have been an intern. You can find the survey here:

The BBC  Panorama programme also wants to hear from those who have been wrongly denied the National Minimum Wage – contact: [email protected] in the next week or so.

We support the interns campaign groups and investigative journalism because it is important to build up a compelling body of evidence on this deplorable scam. In the coming months we want abusive internships that fail to pay the minimum wage to become too hot to handle .

Yesterday I raised the issue of unpaid interns on the You and Yours programme on Radio 4. This was a step in our campaign to persuade the Government to enforce the existing law, which will be discussed at next week’s TUC Congress and which we will be ramping up in the coming months.

There is a real chance that the Government might move on this issue if there is enough pressure to do so. The political calculation may be changing as many middle-class parents contribute significantly to their childrens’ education and are faced with the cost increasing sharply. The rapid growth of unpaid internships means that an extra delay is developing before young people start earning. This is expected to lead to parents taking a jaundiced view of employers who demand free work as the price of entry into a career – and of the  government if it lets this state of affairs persist.