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VIDEO: Welcome to the New NHS

02 Sep 2011, by in Public services

A not entirely seriously filmed video from UNISON, highlighting a very serious point. Clause 168 of the Health and Social Care Bill removes the restriction on the amount of income a Foundation Trust can make from private charges – the so called “private patient income cap”.

As Foundation Trusts are already being told to find £20bn in efficiency savings, we believe many will seek to maximise their income from other sources by giving greater priority to paying private patients. If this happens, NHS patients could find themselves being pushed to the back of the queue for care, and waiting lists starting to grow again. 

The TUC and health unions will be lobbying Parliament over the Bill’s Commons third reading, next Tuesday and Wednesday (6th/7th Sep). Please join us in standing vigil for the NHS by uploading your photo to a giant photo mosaic we’re producing to show the depth of concerns around the country about the future of our National Health Service.

One Response to VIDEO: Welcome to the New NHS

  1. House clearance
    Sep 5th 2011, 12:39 am

    If people can afford to pay private and it helps hospitals then so be it. They should however cap the amount of profit these trust make.