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Chris Grayling tells unemployed people it’s a ‘great time’ to apply for a job

29 Oct 2011, by in Labour market

In response to the news that 80,000 people have applied for 18,000 temporary Christmas jobs at Royal Mail Chris Grayling MP (Minister for Employment) has helpfully told unemployed people that:

Now is a great time to apply for one of the tens of thousands of Christmas jobs which are being advertised. Temporary work gives you an idea of the kind of career you might want, looks good on your CV and also gives you something to talk about in job interviews. It can even lead to more permanent employment.

These comments appear to indicate that Chris Grayling thinks many unemployed people might hesistate to apply for jobs, or are not aware that being in work looks good on their CV. But he needn’t have worried – miraculously 80,000 people had already taken action before he dispensed his advice. It’s therefore unfortunate that 62,000 of them (77%) will find they are unsuccessful.

It may not strike everyone as the best time to start looking for work. There are 5.6 unemployed people for every vacancy nationally and some areas of the country there are as many as 25 people out of work for every available position. The vacancy level has barlely recovered since the recession. Solving Britain’s unemployment crisis will require more than issuing patronising comments to those desperate to find jobs.



One Response to Chris Grayling tells unemployed people it’s a ‘great time’ to apply for a job

  1. John
    Oct 31st 2011, 4:29 am

    Thankyou for your comments Nicola. It is indeed very disturbing to read such disparaging comments from a tory minister for the unemployed. Those of us who know what it is to be out of work, especially long term and know directly the affects on ourselves, our family & our finances do not need the inappropriate patronising out of touch ‘speak’ from the so called minister for employment[!?].