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Employment Blackspots Update

12 Oct 2011, by in Labour market, Uncategorized

Continuing with our reporting on employment black spots in Britain, the unemployment data released today shows that Harringay is the hardest place in Britain to find a job. In Harringay there are over twenty five dole claimants chasing every vacancy. Since we have been reporting on employment blackspots (March 2011) Harringay has appeared in the top 10 every month, and in June Harringay had again been the hardest place to find a job.

Our previous analysis in May which examined the unemployment data from March 2005 to March 2011 found strong evidence of persistent poor local job prospects, with London being one of the worst hit areas of the country. Four London Boroughs including Hackney, Haringey, and Lewisham have been in the top ten employment blackspots in Britain for five of the last seven years. The figures today show that four London boroughs are still in the top 10, Harringay, Hackney, Lewisham and Redbridge.

Area Region Claimants Vacancies Ratio
Haringey London 10,602 413 25.7
Blaenau Gwent Wales 3,171 173 18.3
Middlesbrough North East 7,041 388 18.1
Clackmannanshire Scotland 1,857 109 17.0
Hackney London 11,203 666 16.8
Redcar & Cleveland North East 5,534 335 16.5
Lewisham London 10,794 655 16.5
North Ayrshire Scotland 5,374 334 16.1
Kingston upon Hull Yorkshire & Humber 14,369 906 15.9
Redbridge London 8,021 514 15.6


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