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Unions take the case for jobs to G20

30 Oct 2011, by in International

The G20 leaders’ summit takes place in Cannes, South France this week, and unions will be playing a major role, meeting many of the world leaders in Cannes, as well as G20 chair President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on Wednesday, as well as leaders of global institutions like the ILO, IMF and so on. Altogether, these meetings make up the L20 (the Labour 20) – a new development for this year.

There is a special website for the L20, including a video message from TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber (above). The key message that union leaders will be taking to world leaders, set out in their statement, is that “unemployment now represents the largest single threat to recovery”, and that jobs should, as G20 Labour Ministers said when they met in Paris a month ago, be the priority for the G20. However, the union case also covers the need for green jobs, fair taxation such as a financial transactions tax, and other issues.