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Video: Labour market trends for October 2011

14 Oct 2011, by in Labour market

There were the worst employment figures since the TUC started producing these video. For young people in particular: we saw the worst employment and unemployment figures since the current set of statistics began in 1992. There was a huge drop in part-time and temporary jobs and more record unemployment for women.

One Response to Video: Labour market trends for October 2011

  1. John
    Oct 15th 2011, 2:04 am

    14.10.2011 Thankyou for your video news update. I so much share sympathy & empathy for all those people who are desparate for f/t &/or p/t work. There is one person I know who has been in & out of work for the past 16 yrs [mainly through agencies]. This time she has been searching everywhere near & far to where she lives. She has been lucky to even get an interview once every 5/6 weeks. She is 58 years of age and so straight away she is dicriminated against. Even though there is a so called law against Age discrimination, how can an ordinary person out of work prove it? Now if you are over 50 [let alone 40!] you will be lucky to get any job because the unofficial pressure is on to employ younger people. If this carries on with both ends of the spectrum begging for work, there is going to be real unrest.