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Labour Market Report #20

22 Nov 2011, by in Economic Reports, Economics

This month’s Labour Market Report looks at the exceptionally grim employment and unemployment figures, all at their worst since 2009: before the end of the recession. There are one million unemployed young people and a quarter of a million who have been unemployed for over a year. The fall in employment would have been even worse if self-employment hadn’t risen by 100,000; employment and self-employment are currently heading in opposite directions, possibly a sign that many unemployed people are trying to escape by setting up their own businesses.

One Response to Labour Market Report #20

  1. John
    Nov 23rd 2011, 3:20 am

    ……………… and the very very best of luck to all trying to set up their own business in order to escape from the ‘There is little work left in the uk’ syndrome. On another note maybe one of the reasons why a uk government has never wanted to get full membership of the Europe Union is because they might just have to pay proper & fair Unemployment Benefits! On a final note it is now so depressing to read of the truly obscene differences between the very rich & the very poor in Britain. My apologies as I have digressed from the main point of this very interesting article.