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The Equality Deficit

15 Nov 2011, by in Equality

Tomorrow (Wednesday 16th November) the TUC will be holding a one day conference called The Equality Deficit. The conference, which is free and open to all, provides an opportunity for trade unionists, voluntary sector workers, campaigners and community organisers to explore the equality impact of the cuts.

Importantly, the conference aims to build alliances between the voluntary sector and trade unions. This isn’t about listing the many (and they really are many) ways in which the government’s swingeing cuts programme has disproportionately affected different equality groups. It’s about sharing knowledge, expertise, and experience and identifying campaigning and organising strategies.

As well as two plenary sessions and workshops on welfare reform, health and social care, pensions, further and higher education, contracting out of services,access to justice, and using the equality duty to challenge cuts, the conference will also see the launch of a new TUC publication on the gender impact of the cuts. The Women and Cuts Toolkit follows on from the success of the Coventry Women’s Voices report called Unravelling Equality earlier this year which compiled data on the gender impact of cuts and welfare reform in Coventry. As well as providing data and sources of further information on the national gender impact of the cuts, the toolkit acts as a step-by-step “how to” guide to compiling a report on the gender impact of cuts in any given region or sector. 

There will be a live webcast of the main plenary sessions of the Equality Deficit conference starting at 09:45.