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Web links for 14th November 2011

14 Nov 2011, by in Web links

  • Calling all geeks! The perfect excuse for wasting time – an amazing resource for data on the incomes of the rich in 26 countries. In some cases the data stretch back to the nineteenth century. Bound to become a major resource.
  • OECD monthly report shows slowdown across the developed world. In the UK we are now “below long term trend” and charts show downturn predating that in the OECD.
  • “Third Sector” reports that A4e – a Work Programme prime contractor – asked a volunteer centre for volunteers to help with CV workshops for unemployed people. They are reported to have said in an e-mail to the Volunteer Centre Oxfordshire: “What we are hoping for is some volunteers to help the trainer on the workshops, as some of our customers need more one-to-one support to complete their CVs. The ideal volunteer would possess very good IT skills, a lot of patience, and be able to work alongside the trainer so that the customer will have a completed CV.”
  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development warns that the labour market faces a “slow, painful, contraction”. Their latest Labour Market Outlook (based on a survey of HR professionals) finds that, while “the private sector is showing a strongly positive but steadily falling net employment balance (+20%)” the public sector has a “strongly negative net balance (–50%).“ Taken together, the net employment balance has fallen to -3%, from -1% last month, continuing a trend that has emerged in 2011. “Therefore, although there is nothing in the LMO survey findings to suggest that a marked fall in private sector employment is imminent, it is nonetheless likely that unemployment will continue to rise for the time being.”