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Web links for 8th November 2011

08 Nov 2011, by in Web links

  • HR consultancy Mercer reports that UK employers are budgeting for 3% pay increases in 2012, slightly above a European average of 2.7%. They expect “wage inflation in Western Europe less than inflation for second year in a row“.
  • The CBI’s quarterly survey of sentiment among SMEs finds that it “deteriorated strongly over the past quarter“. Over half of all SMEs are working below capacity (weighted figure). Optimism about export prospects has deteriorated drastically since July, but the figures for optimism about the business situation generally are even worse (but they were bad in July too, so the turnaround isn’t so noticeable.)
  • Important Carer Watch petition calling for review and reversal of disability benefit cuts.
  • Patrick Butler asks why a charity that had huge success under the Future Jobs Fund hasn’t had a single young person referred to them under the Work Programme.
  • That famous St Paul’s Institute report. It shows that “FS (finance sector) professionals in London tend to think that bankers, stock brokers, FTSE 100 chief executives, lawyers and city bond traders are being paid too much. Moreover, most FS professionals in London think that deregulation of financial markets results in less ethical behaviour.
  • Our Pensions Justice site reports on some number-crunching Unite have been doing to get at the truth behind the government’s claims that their pensions proposals will mean higher pensions for nurses.