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New Belgian government backs Robin Hood Tax … and more news from around the world

03 Dec 2011, by in International, Uncategorized

The Robin Hood Tax campaign continues to pick up support in the UK and abroad. Here are the latest endorsements….

Belgium hasn’t had a government for two years. But the newly formed coalition there has committed in its programme to support “la Taxe sur les Transactions Financières”. Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy also backed the tax in The [European] Parliament Magazine, reporting that:

According to the latest Eurobarometer poll, 65 per cent of EU citizens are in favour of a financial transaction tax (FTT) and in the UK the public want to see a fairer sharing of the tax burden, with two thirds backing what campaigners call a ‘Robin Hood Tax’.

Meanwhile, at the Durban climate change talks in South Africa, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan – now Chair of the Africa Growth Panel – endorsed a Financial Transactions Tax as a source of funds for tackling climate change. Pakistan supported an FTT and was awarded a “Robin Hood of the Day Award” by youth activists as was South Africa. Bolivia also expressed support.

And in New York on World AIDS Day, protesters dressed as Robin Hood stopped traffic on Broadway to call for a tax on Wall St that could help end AIDS.

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