From the TUC

PM is wrong: More public sector jobs have been lost than have been created in the private sector

14 Dec 2011, by in Labour market

Today at PMQs the Prime Minister said that the private sector had created 581,000 jobs since the coalition came to power, with 336,000 being lost in the public sector over the same period.

It is true that between Jan-March 2010 and July-September 2011 (the figures released today) private sector employment levels role by 581,000. But 54% of the rise (314,000 jobs) took place between Jan-March 2010 and April – June 2010, and the election was in May. It is fair to assume that at least a third of the change in private sector job levels took place in April 2010, and given the Government wasn’t formed until the 12th of May, it’s hard to see how the Prime Minister can take responsibility for jobs change over that month, before any of his policies had been agreed.

A far fairer and more accurate assessment would be to look at change in employment levels from April – June 2010 (the actual period in which the election took place, rather than the three months before it) to now. That shows that 267,000 private sector jobs have been created, and 305,000 public sector posts have been lost.

On balance, you can see why the Prime Minister has chosen to move his starting date backwards.