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Web links for 20th December 2011

20 Dec 2011, by in Web links

  • A survey by Mind and CIPD reveals that a quarter of employees have experienced mental health problems while in employment. Of people who say their mental health is poor, 15% say this is the result of problems at work, 20% problems outside work and 65% think it is a mix of the two. Public sector workers are more likely to have experienced mental health problems while in employment and to had time off work as a result of poor mental health. 37% of employers (according to employees) support employees who experience mental health problems “very” or “fairly” well, compared with 21% who support them “not very” or “not at all” well. Just 41% would feel confident disclosing “unmanageable stress or mental health problems” to their employer or manager.
  • In November the Index stood at 40; this is 4 points higher than in the previous month, but it is still below what would normally be expected in the run-up to Christmas – 37 points below its long-run average and 7 points below this time last year.