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Web links for 21st December 2011

21 Dec 2011, by in Web links

  • A marvellous post from Inequalities Blog – good stuff on working out how common or othewrwise fraud is, but the best stuff is on “how we misjudge the deservingness of others.”
  • The most depressing and downbeat Agents’ Summary for years: Consumer spending is growing slowly in nominal terms, but volumes are down on last year; Further softening in the housing market; Investment is down, because “the general improvement in activity expected earlier in the year had not materialised.”; Growth of goods exports slowing as world demand softens; Business services turnover growth has slowed; Manufacturing output for the domestic market is still growing, but at a slower rate; Construction down slightly on a year ago; Credit stil tight for SMEs, though not lor larger companies, but “little appetite to take on additional debt.”; Employment to “remain broadly flat over the coming year.”.  The bright spot is inflation. Raw materials inflation is easing; import price inflation is still high, but this reflects “past increases in raw materials prices, as well as rising production costs in some emerging markets” – which will ease with the global downturn.