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Web links for 28th December 2011

28 Dec 2011, by in Web links

  • Kevin Watkins, senior research fellow at the Brookings Institution, writes in Guardian Development about how we can pay for the Millennium Development Goal on children's education. "How about using proceeds from a global financial transaction tax to pay for an initiative that could bring hope to millions of the world's most disadvantaged children? Now that would be innovative financing."
  • Paul Krugman has a note for British readers: "every time Cameron takes credit for low British rates, he’s hoping you don’t know that the same thing has been happening in every non-euro advanced country."
  • Research by the Resoliution Foundation shows theTax Credit cuts will far outweigh the impact of the income tax cuts. On average, basic rate tax payers will be £41 a year better off but low-to-middle income families with children will be much worse off.