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Web links for 4th January 2012

05 Jan 2012, by in Web links

  • Our colleagues in the Nigerian trade union movement protest again against fuel price hikes. They have to do this every few years because the Government of the oil-producing country – whose people see barely a fraction of the benefit of producing so much fuel – has mismanaged its energy policy so badly for decades. Solidarity with the NLC and NTUC!
  • Hugh writes on Stronger Unions about David Cameron’s latest plans to ‘kill off’ the UK’s supposed health and safety culture.

One Response to Web links for 4th January 2012

  1. Jim
    Jan 5th 2012, 8:24 pm

    It would be nice if you could recognise that the fuel subsidy is (a) extremely expensive, (b) highly regressive and (c) very damaging to the environment.