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Web links for 9th January 2012

09 Jan 2012, by in Web links

  • Matt Cavanagh, on the New Statesman's blog, takes apart the Migration Watch report that links youth unemployment and immigration. He points out: 1. Migration Watch blames youth unemployment lon the decision to open up the UK labour market to Eastern European nationals in 2004, but youth unemployment started rising two years earlier, in 2002; 2. The peak period for rising youth unemployment was 2008-9, when nothing new was happening in immigration, but the recession was biting hardest; 3. Other countries that have had a steep increase in youth unemployment, like Spain and Greece, haven't seen big rises in immigration. Germany has had high immigration, but low youth unemployment.
  • A forthcoming study from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, finds that people in lower socio-economic classes are quicker to express compassion than better-off people. Lead researcher Jennifer Stellar comments: “These latest results indicate that there’s a culture of compassion and cooperation among lower-class individuals that may be born out of threats to their wellbeing … Upper-class individuals appear to be more self-focused, they’ve grown up with more freedom and autonomy … They may do better in an individualist, competitive environment.”