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Web links for 28th February 2012

28 Feb 2012, by in Web links

  • Michael Krauss summarises some research that sheds light on why inequality persists in America and which seems to be very likely true for Britain too: 1. People don’t realise the scale of inequality; 2. Social classes are less distinct; 3. There’s an assumption the rich will behave well (have a look below for an indication of why that may not be a good idea…)
  • A series of studies by a team of American researchers has found that upper class individuals are more likely to lie and cheat and agree with unethical work behaviour.
    In one of the studies, upper-class motorists were 4 times as likely to cut other drivers off and 3 times as likely to cut off a pedestrian. In a game with dice rigged to ensure low scores, upper class individuals were more likely to claim scores it was impossible to achieve. Attitudes to greed were the best predictor of unethical behaviour and upper class individuals were more likely to believe that “greed is good”. Another summary of this study reports co-author Paul Piff’s comment: “Across all seven studies, the general pattern we find is that as a person’s social class increases, his or her tendency to behave unethically also increases”