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Web links for 2nd February 2012

02 Feb 2012, by in Web links

  • At the IFS website Robert Joyce considers the benefit cap in the Welfare Reform Bill. This is now expected to affect about 67,000 households from 2013-14, reducing their benefit entitlement by an average £83 p.w.
    “How could households be in receipt of more than £500 per week in benefits? Put simply, they must have either a large number of children or high housing costs (or both).”
    If the government believes some families get too high a level of benefits, then “it must believe that some benefit rates are inappropriately high. The best-targeted response would surely be … cutting the amount families receive for having large numbers of children and/or reducing the value of housing costs against which people can claim Housing Benefit.”
    Doing this would “force the Government to think carefully about (and be explicit about) the features of the current benefits system that it considers inappropriate.”