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Web links for 7th February 2012

07 Feb 2012, by in Web links

  • Great article by ETUI’s Andrew Watt which exposes the facile and nasty suggestion that UK unemployment – or EU unemployment for that matter – is the result of lazy unemployed people. Unless, that is, people get lazier in recessions and less lazy in booms!
  • A new report from Barnardo’s looking at the 16-19 Bursary Fund – the government’s replacement for Educational Maintenance Allowances. The charity finds that lower levels of money and the fact that it is harder to access the fund “are forcing many young people to consider dropping out of education and training altogether due to financial hardship” others are suffering severe hardship – going without meals, for instance – to stay in their courses. The inadequacy of the Fund makes it much harder for the government to achieve its objective of promoting social mobility through education.
    Four groups are guaranteed access to the Fund – people in care and care leavers, disabled people and young people who have left home and receive Income Support. But other groups of disadvantaged young people – especially young carers – are losing out. Barnardo’s recommends that there should be a £1,1140 bursary for all young people who have previously been on free school meals.