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Budget 2012: No help for young unemployed people

21 Mar 2012, by in Labour market

Today’s Budget contained no help at all for young unemployed people. All we learnt was that:

Government also recognises that the best route out of unemployment for some young people will be starting up in business, but that it can be difficult to obtain the skills and capital required. Building on the support already availible, including the New Enterprise Allowance, later this year the Government will pilot the best way to introduce a programme of enterprise loans to help young people set up and grow their own business.

Great. A pilot scheme with an unspecified number of places (from which, read ‘it’s very small’) to enable young unemployed people to take on loans which, if their businesses fail, will leave them with additional debts to be repaid through their JSA. Meanwhile, more than one million young people continue to look for jobs, the total amount of support available via the Youth Contract remains 26 per cent less per year than was previously provided and companies get another £800 million off their tax bills.

One Response to Budget 2012: No help for young unemployed people

  1. Voucherfor
    Mar 23rd 2012, 12:26 pm

    No government for decades has done anything to help the young, in fact the opposite, so why are we surprised at the latest non-moves to help. As a country we have encouraged the young to attend university and obtain, in many cases, irrelevant degrees that do little to help them in future life. Once the penny drops that we can no longer afford this we burden the youth to a lifetime of debt. We have discouraged the youth to enter apprenticeships then complain that we have no tradesmen, we then open our doors to every other nation and wonder why employers just take the easy option of employing foreign nationals who already have the skills and will carry out skilled jobs for minimum wage.
    It is all very well to suggest starting a business as a way out of unemployment, but what skills have the youth got to go down this route, what training is available to help and what safety nets are available to help when thing go wrong. Apart from anything else how do they raise the capital for a new startup when the banks won’t lend to established small businesses?