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Osborne’s New Model

23 Mar 2012, by Guest in Economics

Two years ago George Osborne set out a ‘new economic model’ in the annual Mais Lecture. I’ve got a blog post up at Shifting Grounds explaining how it is unravelling, with heavy downward revisions to business investment.

One Response to Osborne’s New Model

  1. jonathan
    Mar 25th 2012, 7:50 pm

    I’ve been learning that it’s difficult in the US to get much of a discussion of the Tory plans. A large part of that is The Economist dominates here, particularly with its web presence. They barely conceal bias. For example, Bagehot wrote about cutting the amount that will go to pensioners making relatively little. I understand the logic of bringing two systems into synch, but the issue was approached so bloodlessly I was reminded of every awful British stereotype. The human dimension, meaning less money for people without much money as people with more money get more money, was described as “problematic”. Being American, I thought of Douglas Haig ordering more troops over the top to their deaths.