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Cameron’s opposition to Robin Hood Tax ‘shameful’ says top Catholic

30 Apr 2012, by in International

The UK’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Archbishop of St Andrews andEdinburgh, has branded David Cameron and his government’s opposition to a financial transactions tax to help combat poverty as ‘shameful’. In a letter to the Prime Minister last Thursday (26 April) the Cardinal outlined his support for the Robin Hood Tax campaign. He wrote:

At a time of great pressure on public finances, this simple, fair and sustainable tax could help the UK to tackle poverty at home and overseas, and provide urgent additional funds to assist communities in developing countries to adapt to the onset of climate change. …

The economy must be judged by what it achieves for the common good of all our people.  The banks and financial corporations have brought our country to its knees in recent years.  This is clearly an opportunity for them to show that they are serious about being a source for social good moving forward.  From the perspective of the Church, and in the eyes of the public I’m sure, it is not acceptable for your Government to protect the very wealthiest people in our country at the expense of the poor, as appears the case with your current opposition to the Robin Hood Tax.