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Tackling the global jobs crisis: unions call for G20 action

18 May 2012, by in International

Employment Ministers from around the G20 have been meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second city, for two days to thrash out a report on the continuing global jobs crisis for the G20 leaders summit in Los Cabos next month. In particular, they’re discussing the findings of an inter-governmental Youth Employment Task Force set up by the French G20 Presidency last year.

Unions met with the Ministers and with employers for a tripartite social dialogue on the first morning, and I represented the TUC. Other trade unionists were there from Mexico of course, as well as fourteen other G20 nations, from South Africa to China, Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. We stressed the need for action as well as fine words, on job creation, tackling the youth jobs crisis and on green growth.

Despite differences of opinion with representatives of business (the B20) over precarious employment, unions (the L20, for Labour) were able to agree a common position to put to Ministers, covering employment, social protection and rights at work. For the Guadalajara meeting, we put forward a joint list of measures to take on youth unemployment.

We’re looking in particular for the Youth Employment Task Force to set out a series of actions Governments could take, and we want the Task Force to continue at least into the Russian G20 next year to check that these actions are being taken and consider what else to do if these measures don’t reduce youth joblessness. As I said to the tripartite session, “we’re not done with youth unemployment until young people have a future again.”

Unions also called – in a pre-summit submission which we’ve been using to lobby DWP Work Minister Chris Grayling – for public investment in infrastructure and green jobs; reduced income inequality; action against insecure work; social protection floors; and a global Youth Jobs Pact. The summit communique should be available over the weekend, and we can see how far Ministers have heeded our calls.

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