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Now there’s a petition calling for a judicial inquiry into banks

30 Jun 2012, by in Economics

Ann Pettifor has started a petition on the government’s epetition website

We the undersigned call for an independent, judicial public enquiry into fraud, wrongdoing and ethics of British banks, their management and their staff, and the role of the British Bankers Association. The terms of reference of this inquiry should also include the manipulation of interest rates on about £225 trillion of assets. The inquiry must have full powers to compel witnesses to appear on oath, and to obtain all forms of evidence.

The TUC called for this before the last election. Twitter reminded me that I wrote this in 2009. Duncan now supplies a more up-to-date case.

Almost everyone was in thrall to finance in the years before the crash – and just as Leveson has acted to cut – or at least weaken – the power of unelected media moguls, now we need one to do the same for the banks.

The government has had to respond to the growing calls for an inquiry today – including from Ed Miliband, but what ministers are proposing looks more like a rerun of the FSA inquiry than a proper look at what’s gone wrong with the whole sector.


2 Responses to Now there’s a petition calling for a judicial inquiry into banks

  1. Moira Smith
    Jul 1st 2012, 7:00 am

    An inquiry (public)is essential!! The average man on the street would be hauled through the Courts for this type of behaviour and I like many others, am appalled by the Bankers arrogance. Especially Diamond!

    The sooner this pathetic Millionaire Government succums to a vote of NO CONFIDENCE, the sooner we may get back to the unfair treatment between Rich and Poor being Abolished.

    Keep up the excellent work you are all doing at HQ. We in the sub-divisions are rooting for you all. Ed Milliband has become so strong it is wonderful.

  2. Leanne Sheppard
    Jul 3rd 2012, 11:21 am

    This is long overdue.