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When the Queen came to the TUC

02 Jun 2012, by in Web links

In 1968 the TUC celebrated its 100th anniversary. (Indeed yesterday (June 1) was our 144th birthday.)

This was marked not just by the TUC, but by the nation.

A grand banquet was held in London (as well as many other more accessible events around the country.) It was addressed by the Queen and broadcast by the BBC.

We doubt that this glittering event is too widely remembered, but she used it to say:

It is my pride to wish you well on your 100th birthday … and to pray that you may flourish and that you will continue to provide wise leadership on which the future of the country so much depends.”

So to mark the Diamond Jubilee, here’s some images from our splendid TUC history site The unions makes us strong.

They remind us of a time when unions were considered an uncontroversial part of national life. We also got a special stamp.

The images muck up the page lay-out but we hope you will forgive us.