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Underneath the good news

13 Sep 2012, by in Labour market

I have a post at Left Foot Forward, looking at yesterday’s employment figures. The headlines are good, with unemployment falling and employment rising but underneath there’s a worrying story of under-employment, rising youth unemployment and regional inequalities. Plus, in other news, most coverage focused on the headline statistics, but did you know that, in the second quarter of this year NHS employment fell 7,000?

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  1. paulstpancras
    Sep 13th 2012, 8:58 pm

    The loss of NHS staff shows in the recent decline in the quality of patient care. My GP practice, now an American care provider, uses mostly agency/locum staff. In the last 2 years, I have never seen the same staff on reception and now rarely see a practice GP. Each time I go, I have to explain why I am on each medication and its causes. I have been taken off a lifelong medication by locums and four times (twice since March) have had to get my Consultant to pull rank to put me back on the medication. Getting to see Consultants has become harder in last 2 years. One locum told me “I decide what to prescribe you, not your consultant” after 5 minutes into the appointment. I was hospitalised 6 days later with a pulmonary embolism. Lansley’s changes are dangerous and the NHS system is currently in a state of dysfunctional chaos.