From the TUC

Women and Work

19 Sep 2012, by in Economic Reports

The TUC’s fourth Economic Report is now available on the TUC website. This edition looks at changes to women’s position in the labour market since the start of the recession. There are some findings you may expect, and some you may not:

  • There are over a million unemployed women and women’s unemployment has been at this level for two years.
  • Women account for under a third of those in self-employment but over half the increase in self-employment since the recession.
  • Women are a majority of underemployed workers and the number of underemployed women workers has risen 40 per cent since 2008.
  • The number of women out of the labour market because they are looking after their family or home is in long-term decline – down nearly a quarter of a million since the turn of the century.
  • Whilst the number of “economically inactive” men has risen since the start of the recession, the equivalent figure for women has fallen; this is very likely an effect of the raising of women’s state pension age.